"Not only am I left with that cool, fresh, clean feeling after using the 360PRO, in my reasonably short time using it in conjunction with the 360PRO Sonic Toothbrush, I've noticed a visible reduction in the build-up of plaque I'm prone to between my rather crooked bottom front teeth. At just $149, the 360PRO seems like amazing value for money, especially given its solid build quality and stylish design. It's definitely a lot more fun than wrapping a length of dental floss around your fingers every night before bed."

— Glenn Hart, NewstalkZB

"My 360PRO Waterflosser does a bloody great job of getting in between your teeth and deep cleaning my gum line. I'm a fan - my mouth feels super clean and the 3 modes are very useful when you start using it at first as NORMAL mode can be quite hardcore if your gums aren't used to flossing. I think a 360PRO Waterflosser would be a very welcome bathroom addition for the super flossers amongst us as well as those that need a little more help - like me lol."

— Melissa Jack

"Honestly super impressed... I am loving it. My teeth feel so much cleaner and someone commented yesterday on how white my teeth looked. Oral hygiene is so important for overall health... Look after those teeth people!"

— @RoughDiamond

"It’s the best toothbrush I’ve ever had!"

— @Livingwiththelees

"I’m loving my 360PRO sonic. Never have my teeth felt cleaner!"

— Zac de Silva

"I used an electric toothbrush until last year when I changed to sonic after my dentist talked me through the advantages. What a difference! I actually feel like my teeth have had a professional polish! They feel shinier and smooth and are definitely whiter – the power of the sonic cleaning actually removes my daily coffee stains. I would never go back to electric."

— Lisa, Dental Assistant, Auckland.

“Almost daily over the last three years I've been using a water flosser and find it dislodges debris from between the teeth remarkably well. The addition of a few drops of Betadine solution to the reservoir gives me confidence of fresh breath throughout the day.”

— Dr Ted B, dentist, Auckland

“The water flosser is great as it cleans up to 4-5mm below the gum line which you just cannot reach with string floss. This provides the most effective way to clean between the teeth and below the gum line. I recommend this to my patients.”

— Kate Rotella, dental hygienist, Auckland